Body Massage



  • Traditional Thai massage / 1 hour – 350 Baht, 2 hours – 500 Baht.

Journey through an ancient traditional body treatment of Siam. Enjoy the experience of healing and well-being provided by this massage from Chan Spa. It balances the body’s total energy system. Thai Massage stretches the whole body by force on pressure points, muscles and ligaments.
This improves the blood circulation and increases flexibility in the body.

นวดแผนไทย 1 ชม./350 บาท , 2 ชม. / 500 บาท

  • Back, Head and Shoulder/ 1.5 hrs – 500 Baht.

This massage is suitable for sedentary office workers or those who work at a computer for long periods. This type of work can create soreness and tension around the neck and shoulders. It might also cause headaches and tension in the scalp due to tightness in the muscles on the shoulders and neck. Therefore, this massage using Thai massage technique is to stretch the tense muscles on specific parts.


นวดคอหลังไหล่ 1.30 ชม. / 500 บาท

  • Thai Herbal Compress / 2 hours – 750 Baht

This Thai massage focuses on the pressure points of the whole body to relax tight muscles and stimulate blood circulation by using a Thai Herbal Pack. This Herbal Pack is composed of Plai root, Turmeric, Kaffer lime, Ginger, Galangal, Lemon grass, Tamarind leaves, and Camphor. It is used to treat aches, pains, and bruises by compressing the warm Thai Herbal Pack on the body part which needs healing. It can ease muscle tension, aches, and pains.


นวดไทยประคบสมุนไพร 2 ชม. /750 บาท


  • Aroma Body Massage/ 1.5 hrs including shower
    – 950 Baht

Aroma body massage combines the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils with a specialized Swedish technique that totally refreshes, and relaxes the body and mind through skin and inhalation. The essential oils penetrate the skin and relax the body and release stress. Gentle massage improves elimination of waste throughout the body by increasing blood circulation and assisting the lymphatic system.


นวดน้ำมันอโรมา 1.30 ชม. รวมอาบน้ำ / 950 บาท


  • Herbal Compress with Aroma Body Massage / 2 hours including shower – 1,200 Baht


The body is relaxed more effectively by combining the techniques of Aroma Body Massage and ancient Thai Healing Treatment using a warm herbal pack. The Herbal Pack contains essential Thai herbs, and is compressed on the areas that need healing. This is to help reduce muscle spasm and increase blood circulation.


นวดน้ำมันอโรมา + ประคบสมุนไพร 2 ชม. รวมอาบน้ำ / 1,200 บาท


  • Romi Romi massage / 1.30 hours including shower – 1,000 Baht


Romi Romi is a massage technique from Hawaii provided at Chan Spa. It is a kind of oil massage where the masseur’s elbow is applied to major parts of the body. It is suitable for customers who enjoy hard pressure massage.


นวดน้ำมันด้วยเทคนิคการใช้ศอก (โรมี่ โรมี่) 1.30 ชม. รวมอาบน้ำ / 1,000 บาท

  • Foot Massage / 1 hour – 300 Baht, 1.30 hours – 400 Baht

It has been said that the state of one’s health lies in the feet. Foot massage can relieve stress and tension as well as restore energy and improve circulation. It focuses on pressure points in the feet that connect to internal organs. It heals by targeting specific pressure points and restoring a sense of balance to the body. This massage will include arms and shoulders.


นวดเท้า 1 ชม. / 300 บาท , 1.30 ชม. /400 บาท